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Anyone can view the public stories. Additional stories are only available to registered readers who are 18 or over.

What you cannot use this system for

You may not use this system to promote anything that is unlawful, unethical or dishonest.

Local or international laws

You may not use this system in any manor if by doing so you will breach any local or international law.

Email communications

We do not share your email address with other parties* and will only use your email address to:-

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* The only exception, like all other sites, to this is where instructed to do so by the authorities.

In the event that your registered email address is:-

  • No longer available or
  • You disable your account or
  • You fail to respond to a system notification requiring a response.

We reserve the right to deactivate / terminate your registration.


While you can share a link to this site or your story you may NOT include any link or any other reference directly or indirectly to this system in anything that is regarded as spam.

False or misleading advertising

You may not make any false claims or misleading advertising with regard to this site. Advertising counterfeit products is NOT allowed either directly or indirectly. If in doubt ensure all adverts are approved by us first.

You undertake to be responsible for your actions

You undertake to be fully and wholly responsible for any violation of any law that you may contravine by providing false information or anything that you do that is unlawful, unethical or dishonest, including any spam or advertising violations.

You may not do anything that could harm or reduce the performance of this site

We reserve the right to ban and/or report anyone to the authorities who provides any false information; or attempts to do anything that could damage / reduce the performance of this site or do anything else that could be considered unethical or illegal.

Account deactivation/termination

If you fail to conform with the terms and conditions of this site/system, or are deamed to be promoting illegal/undesirable content your account will be deactivated or terminated. In most cases we will send you a notification to your registered email address and temporarily deactivate/suspend your account until any issue is resolved. If we fail to get a response your account may be terminated.

Display of authors adverts

Note Adverts will not be displayed until a registration has been confirmed by the user or during any period while an account has been suspended either by the user or as a result of failing to comply with the terms and conditions. Additionally in order for any authors advert to be displayed when their story is shown the authors profile must indicate that they are happy to receive periodic member/system notifications and have read and accept the sites Terms and Conditions.


As a member we will notify you when new stories are available. We do not send out newsletters more than once per week. You can optionally unsubscribe from our newsletters either in your profile settings or via an unsubscribe link that is provided in each email we send you.

Member/system notifications

As a member we will notify you of any member/system notifications as required (See Email communications above). Member/system notifications may also include some general site news.


What are cookies

Cookies are small files stored on your computer. Most interactive sites (like this one) need cookies to provide a better user experience or to operate correctly. Typically they´re used by websites to do things like maintain your preferences, identify your session and for storing information. These files cannot harm your computer, but some sites (not ours) can potentially be used to track some of your browser activity if this information is stored in cookies.

In most cases cookies are harmless, and you will only diminish your browsing experience by disabling them. Which you can do by using the instructions here. In some cases, websites (including ours) will not work correctly if you disable the cookies for the website in your web browser.

If you´ve visited a website sporting Cookie Control, it´s because the webmaster cares enough about your privacy to tell you how cookies are used on their site, and how to manage cookies in future.

What we use cookies for

We use cookies to save some of your preferences and coded indexes of the story you are reading and your current position in the story so when you return to a story you are returned to the last page you were reading. If this site did not use cookies we would not be able to provide you with these benefits or provide you with such a good browsing experience. You can optionally use cookies to remember your log in details so that you can more easily log in.

If you disable/block the use of cookies for this site, the site will have a degraded usability and a number of features will simply not work correctly. If you experience useability problems on this site ensure that you have cookies enabled for this site.

Third party cookies used by Amazon, Google, Facebook etc.

Some of the adverts displayed on this site are provided by companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook that use their own cookies (referred to as third party cookies). If you wish you can opt out of using the Ad Choices cookies used by these companies. Ironically of course, your opted-out status will be stored using a cookie. And if you clear your cookies, this status will be lost and they will be again be displayed.

Most browsers allow you to opt out of third party cookies, while leaving first party cookies switched on. Third party cookies are issued by web services other than the website you´re looking at at the time, and can allow those web services to track you as you browse from site to site. Amazon, Facebook and Google do this routinely, as do a number of other advertising networks.

Please note you will need to enable cookies for this site to work correctly (these are first party cookies) however you can disable third party cookies without any significant problems.

How Google uses third party cookies when you use their partners´ sites or apps.

Personal information and banking information

Members information held

We only request an absolute minimum of personal information from our members; which includes your first name, your email address and gender and optionally your date or birth (required to ensure you are 18 or over if you wish to read the more spicy stories). We do not display any of your profile information publically. All stories are anonymous unless an author specifically includes a credit in their story or a credit in the optional story description or identifies themselves in the story or their displayed advert.

Banking details

This site does not hold any banking information. If you are an author who earns money from adverts, you are paid any monies due directly from the affiliate program provider Clickbank,Amazon etc., so we never need your banking details as we do not pay you directly.

Privacy Policy

We do not display any of your profile information publically, this includes your firstname, email address or other personal details.

Authors who submit stories are also completely anonymous unless they specifically add a credit to their story or add a credit in the optional introductionary statement or make their identity known in the content of their story.

We will only contact members to inform them of system notifications and periodic news unless they disable the newsletter notifications that can either be set/cleared in the members profile area or via the unsubscribe link in our emails.

Members who are also authors may optionally allow other members to contact them providing they have enabled this option in their profile.

We do not made personal details public on our website and do not sell or share them with others.

We reserve the right to edit stories submitted

While it is the authors job to ensure that the stories submitted are correct we reserve the right to correct any errors found when it is checked before being approved. If we find more than a few errors we may ask the author to correct the story and resubmit.

We reserve the right update the website and terms and conditions

From time to time it will be necessary to make changes to either this website or the terms and conditions. We reserve the right to make any changes required or we consider desirable to the website or the terms and conditions at any time.

Why is Javascript required

This site uses Javascript to provide you with a number of additional benefits that make the site more user friendly and interactive. This includes detecting if you are using a mobile device or not, and the screen size as well as providing some interactive forms to make data entry easier. Without Javascript enabled some of the features provided for your benefit will not work. Please visit your browsers instructions for details on how to enable Javascript for this website or search the internet for instructions.


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